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AIR CUBE | Odor neutralization & cleaning of the toilet

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Forget room sprays and fragrance diffusers that merely mask bad odors in the bathroom and guest WC. The innovative AIR CUBE neutralizes odors before they even enter the room air - directly at the toilet rim. In addition, the ingenious invention cleans your toilet automatically after each use - without chemicals. So you protect the environment. And enjoy a naturally fresh indoor climate at all times.

Proven ionization technology neutralizes odor molecules. A motion sensor starts the AIR CUBE automatically every time you use the toilet. Almost silently, the battery-powered system extracts the air from the toilet bowl and breaks down the odor molecules.

After using the toilet, as soon as the sensor no longer detects any movement, WC cleaning begins. For this purpose, air flows into the toilet bowl, which is enriched with millions of positively charged ions. If desired, you can also manually trigger odor elimination and WC cleaning individually.

Ready for immediate use. On practically any toilet. On request also with additional fragrance insert (sold separately). Simply attach the clamp holder to the outside of the toilet rim using adhesive tape (removable, supplied), insert AIR CUBE - and you're done.

Complete odor neutralization

WC odors do not enter your room air at any time.

Automatic cleaning

By means of ionization technology, positively charged ions are directed into the toilet interior.

Suitable for every toilet*

Easy Click-In bracket to hang on the toilet rim * for European standardized toilets

Environmentally friendly & sustainable

The AIR CUBE's long-lasting filter system requires no filter changes.

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Auszeichnungen & Zertifizierungen

Der AIR CUBE ist Gewinner des German Innovation Awards 2022 und wurde vom deutschen Umweltinstitut zertifiziert.


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