AIR CUBE | Odor neutralization & cleaning of the toilet

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Instant odor neutralization and cleaning of the toilet. For up to 28 trips to the toilet with just one battery charge.
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AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

The AirCube on TV

Kabel eins was closely involved in our founding phase and the development of the AirCube. An exciting contribution, with interesting insights in front of and behind the scenes of our young start-up.

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

German Innovation Awards

The AIR CUBE is the winner of the German Innovation Award 2022

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

German environmental institute

The way the AIR CUBE works has been tested and certified by the Bremen Environmental Institute

top innovations

Top innovation at the "Independent Hotel Show" (IH) Amsterdam for the boutique and luxury hotel industry

Our enthusiastic customers

What the AIR CUBE can do

Complete odor neutralization

Toilet odors never get into your room air.

Automatic cleaning

Using ionization technology, positively charged ions are fed into the interior of the toilet.

Suitable for every toilet*

Attached to the edge of the toilet using the Easy Click-In bracket
* for European standardized toilets

Environmentally friendly & sustainable

The long-life filter system of the AIR CUBE does not require a filter change.

Neutralize instead of covering up odors!

The difference to classic air freshener products in the bathroom is that the AirCube recognizes the cause of the odor and eliminates it directly instead of just covering it up. This leads to a consistently clean room quality in your bathroom or guest toilet. Inspired by nature, the toilet freshener clarifies the room climate without any chemicals or irritating fragrances - for your well-being.

Feel good in no time!

Installing the AirCube is child's play and requires no retrofitting or professional help. The supplied adhesive strip reliably attaches the freshener to the toilet bowl and, with its compact design, does not restrict seating position or comfort. Compared to standard ventilation systems in bathrooms, the AirCube is extremely quiet and unobtrusive. The effective feel-good program takes place in two steps. The use of the toilet is automatically recognized and all odor-forming molecules are immediately neutralized. After the bowel movement has ended, a cleaning process is initiated, which ensures additional hygiene. If desired, the separately available scented inserts can be used to enhance the freshness effect. The energy-saving battery operation results in an average service life of more than two weeks.

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

Sustainable cleanliness in your home!

Thanks to the low-maintenance filter system and the rechargeable battery, you do without environmentally harmful chemicals in fragrance and cleaning products in the long term and still get the same strong cleaning performance. The AirCube contributes to a healthy room climate and your well-being in a completely natural way. This not only protects your wallet, but also the environment.

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch neutralisieren - Geruchsneutralisierung

Fully automated cleaning and odor elimination!

Put an end to chemical bombs that only mask unpleasant odors in the bathroom. With the innovative ionization system for your toilet, odors are picked up and neutralized during the bowel movement before they can get into the room air. During the ionization process, millions of positively charged ions are released into the air, not only refreshing the air quality in your bathroom and guest toilet, but also cleaning it of harmful microorganisms. Dirt is also automatically and reliably destroyed thanks to the oxidation process. This keeps your toilet consistently odor-free and clean without you having to resort to chemical products.

How does the Air Cube work?


Enjoy the freshness of a clean and odorless toilet without any chemicals thanks to innovative AirCube technology


Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Ulf P.

Tolles Gerät mit einer noch besseren Funktion!

Mario Oehler
Macht nen guten Job

Also was Gerüche angeht bin ich echt begeistert! Wir haben nur ein kleines, Bad ohne Fenster und nun auch absolut geruchsneutral! Die Halterung finde ich jetzt nicht so optimal, mal sehen wie lange das hält. Hoffe, für Ersatz muss man dann nicht ein komplettes Gerät nachkaufen! Die Akkuleistung ist so lala. Obwohl Wir wirklich nur einschalten, wenn es notwendig ist, laden Wir nach spätestens 4 Tagen wieder auf. Im Automatikmodus müsste das dann wohl täglich nötig sein. Aber das ist Jammern auf hohem Niveau, denn die Kernaufgabe wird zu 100% erledigt und das ist das Wichtigste!

Julia Olfa

Gutes kleines Gerät!

Annabel Olfert
Meine Familie liebt ihn!

Wir sind ein 4 Personenhaushalt und mit einem Ersatzakku ist der AirCube einfach ein Heilsbringer!
Egal wie viel "Betrieb" auf dem Wc, es riecht immer frisch und sauber.
Klare Empfehlung für alle Families!

John O.
klasse Gerät

Klasse Ding Bellaria. DANKE!