The AIR CUBE works with a two-phase filter system. In the first step, positively charged ions split the odor molecules and separate them from each other. In a second step, the specially developed filter filters the broken odor molecules and neutralizes them without leaving any residue.

That's our secret, we neutralize bad smells instead of just covering them up!

How the AirCube works

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Tested and certified

In a large-scale laboratory test, the Bremen Environmental Institute put our AirCube through its paces. In addition to odor elimination, the cleaning rate in the toilet cleaning cycle was also tested. In addition, possible ozone values were monitored, which were certified as completely harmless.

The excerpt from the environmental institute's analysis report clearly shows that the odorant dimethyl sulphide is no longer detectable when the AIR CUBE is used. This results in an odor elimination rate of 100%.

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Modern touch control panel

Our AirCube is equipped with a state-of-the-art touch control panel. There are three operating options on the clear control panel as well as the easily recognizable battery indicator. The activated mode is indicated by a bar below the symbol.

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Designed for your comfort

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Odor neutralization runs for 3.5 minutes and draws any odors from the toilet interior and neutralizes them without leaving any residue.

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Cleaning starts 60 seconds after the last movement detected by the sensor. To do this, the toilet lid must be closed. Cleaning takes a minute.

Automatic mode

Once Auto-Mous is selected, the PIR motion sensor detects toilet use and automatically toggles both modes on and off in sequence.

AIR CUBE – The innovation

Specially developed and patented for comfortable toileting. Simple, elegant and stylish, the AIR CUBE is suitable for every toilet. Without chemicals, without plastic and packaging waste. Simple and eco-friendly! Make your toilet a pleasant feel-good place too!

Accessories for the AIR CUBE

Powerful lithium-ion battery

The reusable lithium-ion battery is very easy to install and is easily charged via USB-C charging cable. For a long-lasting freshness experience with up to 30 cleaning cycles with each charge.

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The unmistakable fragrance inserts

As an option, we strongly recommend our scented inserts. Perfect the experience of freshness in your bathroom. Whether a light sea breeze or a wonderful floral fragrance experience.

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