The Bellaria Tech

Turning ideas into reality – innovative. Functional. Environmentally friendly.

As a German technology company, the Bellaria team asks itself every day how we can solve everyday problems even more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way. Bellaria has set itself the task of inspiring customers worldwide in the sanitary sector with innovative products. Every day we do our best to improve the quality of life of our customers and at the same time relieve the environment of plastic and packaging waste.

Stay safe, stay clean and trust in Bellaria.

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

Startup Bellaria

As an innovative technology company, Bellaria Technology GmbH was accepted as a member of the German Startup Association.

Our team

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

Giuseppe Leo | Founder & CEO Bellaria

As a former professional soccer player, Giuseppe traveled the world with his team. The issue of toilet hygiene occupied him so much on all team tours that he wanted to improve this issue in the long term. During this time, the idea for today's AirCube came about.

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

Felix Rennies | Product engineer and developer

From the idea to the implementation of series production of the AirCube. Felix, a specialized engineer in product development , has accompanied the AirCube project since day one. With a lot of love and customer understanding, the prototypes were continually improved until, after numerous tests, the final AirCube is finally available.

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

Jakob Rauch | marketing and communication

In addition to marketing planning, Jakob also supports the Bellaria team in the visualization and implementation of the website . As an integral part of the team, he designed the logos and built the website. For him, the user-friendliness and the well-being of the customers while using our online platforms always come first.

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

Vivien Konca | Business Development

In addition to her work as a key account manager, Vivien advises Bellaria on all aspects of strategy and sales planning. The main focus of her work is to shape the brand image of the technology company Bellaria in a sustainable and international manner.

AIR CUBE by Bellaria - Toilette Geruch Neutralisieren

Bruno Gale | Graphic Designer & Videographer

Bruno, a trained graphic designer and photographer, is responsible for all packaging designs and photo material. In addition to detailed product photos, he also provides videos to simplify the application with the most loving attention to detail.