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So 50/50 satisfied

It works quite well, but I'm not sure if the effect is still as good after 14 days as it was at the beginning. However, the base plate that you stick to the toilet is defective. It just doesn't hold up properly, very shaky for the price of the device. I've re-glued it with 3M adhesive pad. But will that last in the long run? Many toilets just don't have a vertical edge on the outside, that's the problem for the holder. The contact surface marked in yellow must be vertical because the device should rest here. Then it's better, mine goes in here from the angle.

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The delivery was quite fast and the installation was completely uncomplicated. Of course, the box on the toilet takes some getting used to because it is very conspicuous and large, but that is only an optical problem and does not bother you at all when using it. The motion detector registers when you use the toilet and immediately and reliably neutralizes all odors. In our windowless, approx. 2m2 large guest toilet, there are no longer any bad odors perceptible. It remains to be seen how long the filter will last to neutralize the odors and how expensive it will be to replace it. I can't judge that at this point in time.
I would order the device again and again.

Interesting alternative

Compared to the high surcharge that toilet manufacturers charge for an odor vent, this device is a cost-effective alternative. It works well, but the power consumption, especially in automatic mode, is quite high, so you have to recharge the battery about every 3 days. Since you can do this overnight, it's ok.

Top product!

It works - I recommend it👍


Very pleasant scent, not overpowering!

Really very very good!

As is so often the case with this question, I expected to be disappointed!
At some point you say to yourself: I'll try again but it won't help either.
Then the little miracle! Air-cube installed and the unbelievable happened:
it works! Within a very short time the toilet is "enemy free".
Not cheap but it lives up to its promises!
Congratulations to the technicians who developed this device!
Will buy this device again and again!