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We deliberately do without harsh cleaning agents and environmentally harmful fragrances. Not only for your well-being, but also for the sake of the environment, we have developed our innovative toilet ionizer. This is a real toilet odor killer and promotes room hygiene. But for stubborn stains, we recommend using environmentally friendly home remedies. These can get into the sewage without a guilty conscience. A consistent cleaning routine is the cornerstone of a pleasant room quality and environmentally friendly air fresheners provide additional fragrance comfort. The ionizer for your toilet can optimally complement your everyday life, as the effective ionization system works where the strongest odors arise: in the toilet. Due to the cleaning and neutralizing function, your everyday routine is simplified many times over. Close to the natural trend, we recommend cleaning the rest of the bathroom or guest toilet with products that do not harm the environment.

Natural cleaning agents

  • Cleaning toilets : Diluted vinegar, which has both a cleaning and disinfecting function, is sufficient for daily cleaning of toilets. If you use the toilet brush regularly (at best after each use), you will save yourself stubborn stains such as limescale and urine scale, for which chemical cleaning agents are often used. So before dirt can settle, it should be loosened and removed with the brush. However, if the dirt is already there, you can make an environmentally friendly toilet cleaner from simple household items. Citric acid mixed with curd soap and cornstarch makes an effective cleaner ideal for light stains. Baking soda and vinegar make a stronger compound that's great for removing urine scale.
  • Cleaning the sink : Chemical cleaning products can roughen the surface of your sink, which can lead to damage with frequent use. We therefore recommend playing it safe and using tried-and-true remedies like baking soda to get sinks sparkling again. Mixed with a little water, the baking powder forms a paste that can be spread with a cloth and wiped off after a short exposure time. Rinse with clear water and your wash cheeks will shine again. It is also advisable to wipe the tank dry with a microfiber cloth for an extra shine.
  • Cleaning the bathtub : Here, too, the baking soda paste has proven its worth for light stains. If there is stubborn dirt, it is possible to leave the mixture to act overnight. The next morning, simply spray it off with the spray head. If you are affected by yellow discoloration in the bathtub, you can use a mixture of vinegar and salt. Soaked in overnight, the yellow spots don't stand a chance. Half a lemon can also be used instead of the vinegar. It also smells pleasant and refreshes the bathroom.
  • Maintain shower stall : The above tips work just as well in shower stalls. If you clean your shower regularly, you save time in the long term, because stubborn limescale stains, soap residue or even mold can hardly develop. If you want to make it even easier in the future, you can use a potato. The shower cabin and shower walls are rubbed with half a potato to form a water-repellent lotus effect. You may be familiar with this effect from car polishes, but the potato method is material-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Another tip for better room hygiene : Damp towels that are changed irregularly are true bacteria catapults and cause a musty smell. Change towels regularly and stick to a consistent cleaning routine in the bathroom. Once a week for a thorough cleaning is a good benchmark, but cleaning has to be done more often if necessary. The toilet in particular requires special care due to frequent use and the high risk of soiling.

Natural air fresheners

  • Fresh and Dried Plants : Herbs, flowers and other plants are naturally air fresheners. Whether dried as a wild potpourri, as a beautiful bouquet or in a classic pot - probably the simplest way to freshen the air. Roses, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, scented geraniums or orchids create particularly powerful scents. Pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the nose, plants also improve the room climate.
  • Coffee powder a natural toilet odor killer
  • : If you need a strong air freshener, you should use coffee powder. Freshly ground and placed in small bowls, the coffee absorbs bad smells throughout the house.
  • Citrus fruits and cloves for a festive scent: This variant is particularly suitable for the colder months of the year. The application here is simple, but highly decorative. An orange or lemon is spiked with cloves for a fresh and warm winter scent that lasts for days.
  • Essential oils as fragrance sticks: You are probably familiar with this variant from the trade. However, you can easily imitate the strong scented oils at home in an environmentally friendly way. Take a glass, fill it with baby oil and add an aromatic oil of your choice - rose oil, lavender oil or citrus fruit oil work particularly well. Put some bamboo sticks in the oil and place the jar in the place of your choice. In the bathroom or guest toilet, the scented glass looks decorative and leaves a pleasantly natural scent for relaxed air and room hygiene.

Another tip for better room hygiene : Good ventilation naturally ensures a fresher room climate. Regular airing in the mornings and evenings not only ensures improved air quality in the closed rooms, but also draws all unpleasant odors outside. Thanks to the fresh air in the rooms, the natural air fresheners are even more effective and have an improved effect.

Natural toilet odor killers for more room hygiene

As you can see, you don't necessarily have to resort to artificial air fresheners to create a fresh scent. Natural home remedies are also true toilet odor killers and ensure a long-lasting scent that can be used not only in the bathroom but throughout the house. However, natural home remedies are not always sufficient for a healthy indoor climate. Although natural air fresheners provide a pleasant room scent, unpleasant odors that are very strong and penetrating easily mask the pleasant fragrances. The toilet freshener with ionization system ensures the elimination of unpleasant odors in the toilet as they arise. The unpleasant odor molecules have no chance of getting into the room air at all thanks to the innovative ionization system. This way you don't run the risk of your natural scents mixing with the smells of using the toilet to freshen up the room climate. With the toilet ionizer, you can continue to enjoy the beautiful scents of your home without worrying about odors from the bathroom.

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