Neutralization of all toilet odors and automatic cleaning
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  • German innovation award

    The AIR CUBE is the winner of the german innovation award 2022
  • German environment institute

    The operation of the AIR CUBE has been tested and certified by the German environmental Institute
  • Top innovation

    Top Innovation at the "Independent Hotel Show" (IH) Amsterdam for the Boutique and Luxury Hotel Industry

How the AIR CUBE works

  • Complete odor neutralization

    Toilet odors do not enter your indoor air at any time
  • Automatic cleaning

    By means of ionization technology, positively charged ions are fed into the toilet interior
  • Suitable to almost every toilet

    Mittels Easy Click-In Halterung an den Toilettenrand gehängt
    * für europäisch genormte Toiletten

  • Eco-friendly & sustainable

    The long-life filter system of the AIR CUBE does not require filter changes.
  • Neutralize toilet odors before they can develop.

  • Fully automatic cleaning of your toilet after each use.

Total neutralization of all WC odors

The innovation, specially designed and patented, for pleasant toilet. Simple, elegant and stylish, suitable for any toilet. Without chemicals, without plastic and packaging waste. Simple and environmentally friendly!
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